Ende Juli 2020 sind wir uns (wieder) begegnet. Am 30. Oktober 2020 feiern der Komponist Moritz Schneider und ich Premiere. DEIN TAG ist unsere erste gemeinsame Produktion. Wir freuen uns sehr über die Fügung und die Möglichkeit, ab jetzt miteinander Texte und Musik zu channeln, um binaurale Meditationen zu manifestieren.
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Concentration - Meditation - Contemplation - Enlightenment - Inspiration



Most people believe that stress, lack, discontent, being in a hurry, negativity, disease, threats etc. are a normal part of life. They believe that they always must be somewhere, must do, achieve or prove something. But this is a delusion - an illusion created by the ego-mind and reinforced by an achievement-oriented society that is completely without creativity. 


WHEN YOU ARE IN THE GRIP OF YOUR THINKING, you are not present. Let your mind become still, send your thoughts on holiday and let the greater universal intelligence work through you. It will appear to you as a flash of inspiration, as intuition or synchronicity. And then you will conceive new, truly creative thoughts. Living these thoughts is the next step in the evolution of humankind. It is the great awakening which is to say the development of increased consciousness and conscious being. Consciousness means to love. And to love means to serve life. 


MEDITATION means stillness of thoughts or contemplation. It is a mental-spiritual discipline that will lead to inspiration and unfailing creativity springing from your inner source, if practiced correctly. And the beauty of this practice is that you can meditate anywhere and at any time.  







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Some highlights for your inspiration:

02:35 The energy vibration of the mental body is essentially masculine. 

02:41 "I think, therefore I am" - cogito ergo sum. René Descartes, French philosopher and trailblazer of the Enlightenment.

04:53 The mind resists, wants to grasp, hold on, fight etc.

07:41 Every projection of your ego-mind has the potential to make you unhappy.

09:05 Your ego-mind does not know surrender and therefore it does not know flow either.

10:44 The energy vibration of awareness is essentially feminine.

16:31 Awakening = Go beyond the thinker within you. 

20:56 Do not project thoughts into the future!

21:04 Let go of all expectation!

22:11 Beyond thought - in the silence - lives true creativity. 

22:37 Being is the strongest vibration of the universe - beyond thought. 

24:35 Humankind's next step: From intellect to intuition.

24:44 Intuition = a higher intelligence that is so much more comprehensive than you can imagine.

25:45 Non-resistance and surrender are required to be in flow. 

26:01 Englightenment and true love are possible only beyond thought.

27:19 If the ego-mind is dominant, you live in an illusion of form. 

28:19 Truly essential matters are (not yet) taught. 

29:57 Indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children, universal children... It all depends on the boxes created by your thinking. Our ego-mind needs boxes. 

30:16 For the new children creativity is predominant - the mind is less important.

30:37 The energy of the mind is linear, cognitive, goal-oriented, hard and rigid. 

30:44 The energy of being is cyclical, intuitive, without goals and connected to the source - and thus much more powerful than the mind.

31:53 By surrendering to the moment you allow life to flow. 



THE AVERAGE PERSON thinks roughly 60‘000 thoughts per day. 98% of these thoughts, most of them conditionend thinking, are pure repetition. But when we switch of this constant stream of thoughts, we come in contact with the much greater, numinous space beyond thinking where we can access more than 400 million ideas per day... Quantum physicists call this field beyond thought potentiality. 


PEOPLE WHO LIVE THEIR POTENTIAL are occassionally said to be brilliant or even a genius. Or considered successful. But is that truly important? Is that what life is all about? 


TAKE AWAY THE PRESSURE. QUIETEN YOUR THOUGHTS. BREATHE. BE. Surrender to the moment. Without expectations. The evolutionary impulse will make itself known by itself. Through you. And thus you no longer follow your own petty will but the law of the cosmos. Time and again new potential will spring from your surrender to inner stillness - beyond burnout or depression. Living consciously, bringing the inner impulse into the world around you, is creativity. Service. Pure Love. - From wholeness. For the whole. Through you. 




HUNDREDS OF GROUPS IN THE WORLD regularly meet every month at the time of the Full Moon to meditate. The fully illuminated sphere of the Moon shows us the free alignment between our planet and the Sun, the energy source of all life. 


During the five days of the Full Moon the lunar cycle reaches the highest peak of spiritual energy, making the time of the Full Moon a period of consciousness raising. Thus the meditation during the Full Moon raises the consciousness of the group and supports personal growth. 


I have been leading monthly Full Moon Meditations since 1 April 1999. You are cordially invited to join us.

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20 Jan 2019

Aquarius-Leo / Eclipse




27 July  2018

Leo-Aquarius / Eclipse

-> Summer Apéritif by the lake


17 Feb 2019





24 Aug 2018



22 March 2019

Aries-Libra I / The 13th Moon 




23 Sept 2018



18 April 2019

Aries-Libra II /




26 Oct 2018



16 May  2019





23 Nov 2018




14 June  2019

Gemini-Sagittarius / Celebration of Brother- and Sisterhood of Humankind




21 Dec 2018

Winter-Solstice Celebration

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