No 183 Saggitarius 11/2017

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Content (PDF, 12 pages)

Looking up at the stars

– The publication of Stephen Hawking’s doctoral dissertation online crashes the Cambridge University website
– Transparency versus consciousness of lack
– consciousness and responsibility = light bearer
– A new class in the school of the cosmos begins at Christmas
– The earth can be without humans. But humans cannot be without the earth
– Where is your place in the universe?
– Lilith in Capricorn breaks down old patriarchal structures
– Saturn in Capricorn: transforming the old in a dignified way
– Pluto in Capricorn: total transformation brings undreamed of riches
– A rude awakening or a “simple” awakening?
– Saturn at the Galactic Center activates the profundity within you
– Sagittarius: Magical month of transition
– Jupiter Trine Neptune: When the father of the gods and the god of the sea are in resonance
– Astrological details from 20 Nov to 24 Dec 2017
– Mercury retrograde: Mental stock-taking
– Horoscopes of Stephen Hawking (Capricorn), Kevin Spacey (Leo), and German politicians Christian Lindner (Capricorn) and Angela Merkel (Cancer)

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