ENGLISH: Astrologer gives hope for 2021 | 27 Min

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Astrologer gives us hope for 2021 | Silke Schäfer | Meaning of Life | QS24

After the turbulent year 2020, many people are probably wondering how things will go in the upcoming years.

  • Will we finally have some peace and quiet again in 2021?
  • Is it getting even more hectic?
  • Will the virus go away, will you get a grip on it, or will something new come up?
  • Will it be quieter or more hectic?

Astrology shows impressively what quality of time we are facing. Some circles have ended and new ones begin. Ms. Silke Schäfer, one of the best-known astrologers in Europe, explains in an interview with QS24 (Swiss Health Television) what we can expect in 2021 and the following years.