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AS ASTROLOGER OF THE NEW AGE I do not read the stars, but the space in-between, the source of all being as cosmologists and mystics say. I read energy fields and look at life from the divine perspective, the divine plan, which ranks the beauty of all beings and our connectedness with the cosmos in first and foremost.

The beauty of this way is that I can make the invisible visible through the horoscope. And so, I hold a space for you to see yourself (again) in all your infinite depth and to joyfully take your place, the one that is called destiny. Consciousness leads to peace and fosters the knowledge that it is an honor to be incarnated on the wonderful planet Earth to co-create one of the greatest phases of transformation of the last 2,000 years - the transition to a new age.

The current world situation | 7 January 2021: 

The cosmos is constantly self-regulating by maintaining the equilibrium of the whole system. And so, the year 2020 saw some very striking constellations that signaled that one of the greatest periods of transformation of our current times had begun.

In 2020 familiar structures and material security began to collapse, freeing up inner space so as to inspire us with new ideas and make us form networks that allow for an exponentiation as yet unknown to us. Innovation, freedom, responsibility, tolerance, ethics and a new togetherness are the big themes of this time. and the year 2021.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at  0° Aquarius on 21 December 2020 signaled the beginning of a new era. The higher vibrations are getting stronger – as part of the evolution of our consciousness. Our souls have guided us to be on planet Earth right now to co-create this gigantic change. Keep your daily spiritual practice going. It’s beginning – and there is no turning back… 

With a loving ditigal embrace – LOVE, Silke

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00:00 Musikalische Liebeserklärung
02:22 Rückblick auf 20 Jahre Vollmond-Meditationen
10:55 Dimash und die Kinder des neuen Jahrtausends
13:40 Kurz-Vortrag zum 13. Mond in Widder-Waage

20 Jahre...

... für unser Universum und für unseren Planeten Erde
20 Jahre Vollmond-Meditationen
20 Jahre aktive Friedensarbeit
20 Jahre der Vision gefolgt
20 Jahre Hingabe
20 Jahre Kreativität
20 Jahre das Höhere Wir
20 Jahre aktive Schwingungserhöhung
20 Jahre Dankbarkeit
20 Jahre durch die Augen der Quelle geschaut
20 Jahre Brücken gebaut

Viele Gründe um zu feiern
um miteinander zu teilen
um uns wieder zu erinnern
wer wir wirklich sind

Grossartige Seelen
grenzenlos einflussreich
um gemeinsam die Liebe zu leben
um gemeinsam das kosmische Feuer zu manifestieren
um gemeinsam in Freude zu leben
um gemeinsam immer bewusster zu werden
als Menschenfamilie
im Rhythmus des Seelenplans
in Würde

Ein gigantisch grosses DANKESCHÖN an euch alle!!




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