BY MAKING MY PhD THESIS OPEN ACCESS I hope to inspire people everywhere to look up at the stars and not down at their feet; to wonder about our place in the universe and to try and make sense of the cosmos. 

So, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.

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YOU CANNOT MAKE A DATE WITH ENLIGHTENMENT. But you can surrender to the higher, universal, numinous intelligence - in joy, trust, and love - and suddenly "miracles" are possible. On the basis of your unique horoscope we take up the trail of your destiny and will come to the heart of it. Only three coordinates are needed for your cosmic GPS: Your birthdate, your birthplace and your time of birth. 




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Astrology tells us about the „wisdom of the many“, a wisdom originating in oneness. Astrology reveals the fantastic diversity springing from unity.

It is your task to recognize yourself as a wonderful, important, little fiery spark of the greater whole and to serve the whole through becoming conscious - before you sink back into the depths of the universe...

Therefore you must look within at what you already are, you will not find answers in the world around you. But with your very own wonderful, individual and absolutely unique map of the skies - your horoscope - in hand, we arrive directly and without detours at the heart of your soul's plan, a plan that began with the cosmic moment of your birth.

Although we may not "understand" all of it right away - you will recognize yourself and much more. Appointments here

If you would like to learn more about the language of astrology and the relationships of the cosmos, you will find much that might interest you in the Community.




AS ASTROLOGER ONE OF MY MAIN JOBS is teaching people to see with the eyes of the source. When you gaze into the mirror, you are seeing your reflection and will believe that the person you are seeing is you. But you are only seeing your form, not yourself. You are only seeing a tiny little part that has come from a higher formless intelligence. And this tiny part is short-lived. At some point your time on Earth will be over and your form will dissolve again. This is called death. But not all of you will die, your spirit will go on. Or, in other words, your consciousness. And that is what life is about. Your presence here on Earth comes with special gifts and tasks; you are not on Earth to become rich and famous, but solely to become more conscious. Becoming rich and famous may be a part of your plan, your soul plan. And maybe not. But ultimately it is not important at all. For everything unfolds due to a numinous, higher intelligence we cannot grasp with our petty ego-mind.

Everything in the universe has its reason. Everything in the universe has its place. The universe is wholly creative. There are only two great flows of energy: Breathing in and breathing out. Silence and creation. Being and doing. Yin and Yang. Why? Because this is how the formless universe can become conscious of itself – through us.

The cosmic moment of your birth is an incredibly precious moment, for it contains all of the unique information about your life’s purpose, a path that begins when you emerge from the unformed and take your form. You are thereby a small but important part of the hidden harmony of the universe. When you perceive the sacredness of this moment you will realize that while birth separated you from your mother and the all-one, you are in truth never separated from the greater whole. This applies to you as well as everyone else.

Just a look at a few horoscopes and the energy depicted by them will show you the multiplicity of the universe and how differently and manifoldly it expresses itself through every one of us. My word for this is light. This colorful splendor is the mirror image of a higher, universal order; and each and every one of us has a perfect place and purpose within this order. So, if you do get worked up about someone (or something), this happens because you do not yet – as per your current state of consciousness – see the greater picture.

My advice: Breathe deeply, become still and know that every moment is perfect. And that you may consciously participate in it. This is what you have come into the world for after all. You have been given the chance to increase the wealth of humankind with your gift by including yourself in the wholeness of life and surrendering to your soul’s purpose. I consider it a great honor to be allowed to be here on Earth – together with you, with all of you. OM.

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ARIES 21st March to 21st April

Element: Fire. Cardinal Cross. Yang.
Planetary Ruler: Mars (exoteric), Mercury (esoteric), Uranus (hierarchical)
Light: Assertiveness and unfolding of the self. Impulses. Direction. Willpower. Pioneering spirit. Extroversion. Fight. Transformation of energy into work. Physical tension. Enthusiastic. Courageous. Refreshingly direct. Assertive. Charging ahead.
Shadow: Impatient. Ambitious.
Dynamik: Direction is more important than the goal, activity is more important than meaning. Intuition and thinking are dominant.
Archetype: Spiritual heroism.
The divine idea in Aries: All is possible


GEMINI 21st May to 20th June

Element: Air. Mutable Cross. Yang.
Planetary Ruler: Mercury (exoteric), Yang-Venus (esoteric), Erde (hierarchical)
Light: Movement. Communication. Learning. Understanding the objective world. Getting to know other people. Exchanging and imparting information. Agility. Versatility. Curiosity. Intelligent. Understands quickly. Always well informed.
Shadow: Conformity. Opportunism. Nervousness. Nervous tension. Distraction. Busy with several things at once.
Dynamic: Receiving, synthesizing. imparting. Thinking, intellect, mental body and intuition are dominant.
Archetype: The transcendent spark of light
The divine idea in Gemini: Mental brilliance


LEO 23rd Juli to 22nd August

Element: Fire. Fixed Cross. Yang.
Planetary Ruler: Sun (exoteric), Sun (esoteric), Sun (hierarchical)
Light: Self-expression. Image. Radiance. Energy and warmth. Power and influence. Courage and risk. Creative artist. Generous. Warm-hearted. Learned. Noble. Confident. Can fill others with enthusiasm. 
Shadow: Over-estimation of one's own abilities. Feeling of inferiority. Vanity. Posing. Show. Despot.
Dynamic: Energy directed towards middle, the heart of the matter. Focus. Identification with a role up to the point of surrendering one's own self.
Intuition and thinking are dominant.
Archetyp: The representative of creative love
The divine idea in Leo: Pure creative joy of life


LIBRA 23rd September to 22nd October

Element: Air. Cardinal Cross. Yang.
Planetary Ruler: Yang-Venus (exoteric), Uranus (esoteric), Saturn (hierarchical)
Light: Search for equilibrium. Peace. Harmony. Justice. Balance. Artist. Mediator. Ability to compromise. Impartial. Harmonizing. Diplomatic. Charming. Esthetic. Great interest in culture.
Shadow: Idleness. Avoids conflict. Indecisiveness. Dependence on the "You". Being taken advantage of.
Dynamic: Recognition of the "You", encounters, finding the way, smoothing the way.
Thinking and intuition are dominant.
Archetype: The foundation of the universe
The divine idea in Libra: Perfect balance



SAGITTARIUS 22nd November to 21st December

Element: Fire. Mutable Cross. Yang.
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter (exoteric), Earth (esoteric), Mars (hierarchical)
Light: Philosopher. Independent, transpersonal thinking. Orientation and direction. Purposeful life. Focus. Search for insight and truth. Creation of new worldviews. Expansion. Tests the limits of society. Change and variety. Spontaneous. Farsighted. Independent thinking.
Shadow: Demagogue. Impertinent. Dogmatic. Know-it-all.
Dynamic: Sudden realization of the goal creates tension and movement between the absolute goal and the current state. Finds the way. Intuition and thining are dominant.
Archetype: Understanding the plan of creation.
The divine idea in Sagittarius: Innere wisdom



AQUARIUS 21st January to 18th February

Element: Air. Fixed Cross. Yang.
Planetary Ruler: Saturn/Uranus (exoteric), Jupiter (esoteric), Moon (hierarchical)

Light: Visionary. The inventive mind. Ideas from the future. Synthesis. Bringing spirit and matter together. Genius. Union of intuition and academic knowledge. Mental analysis. Unorthodox methods. Reformer. Discernment. Group conscious. Fair. Networked thinking. Intuitive. Social. Original. High Ideals.
Shadow: Starry-eyed idealist. Idealisation. „Saintliness“. Moralist. Isolation. Aloof. Vulnerable to cults.
Dynamic: Linking between spirit and matter while maintaining their own individuality. Thinking and intuition dominate.
Archetype: The individual within the universal
The divine idea in Aquarius: Visionary genius

TAURUS 22nd April to 20th May 

Element: Earth. Fixed Cross. Yin.
Planetary Ruler: Yin-Venus (exoteric), Vulcan (esoteric), Vulcan (hierarchic)
Light: Steadfastness. Persistence. Coveting nature. Enjoys life. Property. Strength. Security. Good nature. Reliable. Loyal. Sensual. Practical. Persistent. Realistic. Loves nature and good food. Receiving. Gathering. Keeping. Defending. Creating substance.
Shadow: Lethargy. Inflexibility. Miserly. Stubborn.
Dynamic: Slow increase in density until there is a sudden explosion or insight. Feelings and emotions are dominant.
Archetype: The path to enlightenment.
The divine idea in Taurus: Generosity.


CANCER 21st June to 22nd July

Element: Water. Cardinal Cross. Yin.
Planetary Ruler: Moon (exoteric), Neptune (esoteric), Neptune (hierarchic)
Light: (Re)Solution through contract with the power of the source, of the roots, and of nature. Collectively minded. Group and family. Delicacy. Sensitive. Compassionate. Maternal and caring. Fond of children. Gives warmth and security. Good host.
Shadow: Easily manipulated. Escapism. Attached to the idea of family.
Dynamic: Follows the rhythm. Change of feeling. Feeling and emotions are dominant.
Archetype: Collektive memory of emotions
The divine idea in Cancer: Inner peace


VIRGO 23rd August to 22nd September

Element: Earth. Mutable Cross. Yin.
Planetary Ruler: Mercury/Chiron (exoteric), Moon (esoteric), Jupiter (hierarchic)
Light: Patient service to the nature of things and humanity. Purification. Maturation. Analysis. Supplementing what is missing. Helpful. Humble. Diligent. Astute. Reliable. Health-conscious. Caring and preserving. Precision and boundaries. Dealing with existence. Assuming responsibility. Waiting for the harvest.
Shadow: Self-denial. Discouragement. Criticism of form and order. Nagging. Existential fear.
Dynamic: Searching for meaning and for one's own place in the world to serve humanity. Feelings and emotions are dominant.
Archetype: Serving the greater good
The divine idea in Virgo: The highest attention to detail 

SCORPIO 23rd October to 21st November

Element: Water. Fixed Cross. Yin.
Planetary Ruler: Mars/Pluto (exoteric), Mars (esoteric), Merkur (hierarchic)
Light: Destroyer. Healer. Transformation. Crisis. Birth. Death. Magician. Surrender. Constant creation and destruction of the form. Sexuality. Sensuality. Asceticism. Profound. Loyal. Understands soul level connections. Imparts strength. Sudden profits. Finding the right measure.
Shadow: Limitation of the ego. Jealous. Distrustful. Participation in  and identification with all emotions and things of this world, potentially carrying it to extremes. Painful losses.
Dynamic: Quick and sudden rise of energy with explosion and dissolution. Process of constant transformation (metamorphosis). Feeling and emotions are dominant.
Archetype: Correction of cycles
The divine idea in Scorpio: Light in the dark

CAPRICORN 22nd December to 20th January

Element: Earth. Cardinal Cross. Yin.
Planetary Ruler: Saturn (exoteric), Saturn (esoteric), Yin-Venus (hierarchic)
Light: Authenticity. Power and authority through willpower. Great leadership qualities. Diligence and care. Consolidation of what has become. Resilience. Formation of essence. Triumphant about achievements. Planning and tenacity. Staying power. Self-restraint. Individuation. Initiates others. Responsible. Self-reliant. Loyal. Realistic.
Shadow: Relentlessness. Too ambitious. Too careful. Fear. Coldness. Search for outside validation. Preoccupation with status and prestige. The world's policeman. Achievements replace self-confidence. Loneliness. Depressive. 
Dynamic: Mental focus during meditation, becoming one, humility. Feeling and emotions are dominant.
Archetype: Physical perfection of spirit
The divine idea in Capricorn: Dignity and respect

PISCES 19th February to 20th March

Element: Water. Mutable Cross. Yin.
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter/Neptune (exoteric), Pluto (esoteric), Pluto (hierarchic)
Light: Bringer of peace. Mystic. Visions and dreams. Sensitivity. Psychism. Imaginative. Selfless. Helpful. Emotional. Musical. Religious. Spiritual. Empathy. Devotion. Longing for connection.
Shadow: Self-denial. No boundaries. Sacrifice. Death-wish. Flight from responsibility. Fear of dissolution. Unreality. Avoidance of conflict. Rootlessness. Feeling misunderstood in this world. Suffering from weltschmerz.
Dynamic: Touching of humanity and cosmos (God), disentanglement. transcendence. Feeling and emotions are dominant. 
Archetype: Presence of the divine
The divine idea in Pisces: Absolute trust






This content is only available in German. 

To inspire you here some highlights: 

Wonderful chances to become conscious of your true self come again and again.

12:52 When you try project a certain image, you live a false life that inevitably leads to frustration and/or suffering. 

16:29 We try to find our identity in the forms of life. 

19:57 Not you goals are important but the consciousness they arise from.

26:33 The unifying field of consciousness = the field of love and peace.

26:52 This field makes me see the divine in the other - his/her true being. 

20:28 True love knows neither the opposite nor conditions. 

33:02 It is impossible to find what you are already within yourself in the world around you.  

33:40 The fulfillment of wishes has nothing to do with you will but with your being.

37:20 It is possible to get lost in the world of the conditioned mind, without space.

38:09 Awakening: Becoming aware of your consciousness as an expression of an unfolding universe. 

38:51 We are consciousness as well as manifestation of consciousness.

42:56 Perception occurs in the field of silence. 

43:26 From that space of inner silence every encounter with another human being occurs with an attitude of pure love.



THE CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEING is centered in the heart, no longer conditioned and plays with the two great energy streams of being and creating, of spirit and matter. Through the authentic self and from love the conscious human permanently creates, in synchronicity with the universe, new forms that serve the good of the whole.


THE UNCONSIOUS HUMAN BEING swings back and forth between the two  great streams of life-affirming and life-inhibiting energy and is trapped in conditioned thinking. Through the petty I (ego) the unconscious human is controlled by fear, feels isolated and either repeats the past or hopefully projects everything into a distant future that never comes.


BREATHE. BECOME STILL. LISTEN WITHIN. And consciousness will evolve through you. A master of wisdom is anchored so deeply in wholeness that nothing will distract him in his actions from the state of divine being.







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  • 10 January 2020

  • 2025



SINCE 2002 I HAVE BEEN WRITING THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER STERNEN-NEWS with information about the current constellations and the quality of time. I describe the trends of the coming months and put the "above and below" into context. In doing so I want to raise awareness for the NOW, create space for varied ideas and points of view and help you to see the greater picture. I explicitly look for innovative points of view while striving to maintain a philosophical and spiritual attitude. 


The German edition of the Sternen-News is published on the 20th of the month, the English edition follows approx. three days later. 











Questions and Answers

This question refers to two different frames of reference: a) the cosmic and b) the earthly frame of reference. The zodiac with its 12 signs outside of earth is our cosmic frame of reference and it takes the form of energy; while our actual location on earth provides our earthly frame of reference in regard to space and time.


a) The zodiac is subdivided into 12 sections of the same size representing the 12 signs of the zodiac. These 12 signs are sections of an extraterrestrial space (the solar system) and have an effect on the whole earth. They represent cosmic energies that are available to every human being as a source of energy.

b) The terrestrial or earthly space around the person is subdivided into 12 fields, this is done from the viewpoint of the person. In astrological jargon these fields are called houses and they have an individual character and are connected to a place. They are a frame of reference related to the body and allow us to get our bearings in the cosmos and in life, in space and time. In order to determine the houses and thereby the horoscope of a person, we need the exact time and place of birth on Earth.

This means that the zodiac reflects the objective division of the sky, and the houses reflect the subjective division of the sky. This perspective takes into account the diverse cultures and societies that are evolving in different places on the earth but are all “following” the same cosmic theme. In other words, when I write the Sternen-News and tell you about global (earthly) topics, these statements apply to the whole world, no matter whether it is summer or winter in your corner of the earth. We are, so to say, looking up in the direction of the zodiac together (see illustration). Depending on the culture and the movement of the Earth these energies then manifest on our planet in different forms.



Since 24 August 2006 Pluto is astronomically no longer considered a planet because the International Astronomic Union redefined the term “planet” at that time. An important reason for this decision was that Pluto may not be the greatest object within the Kuiper belt. Since then Pluto is considered to be a dwarf planet within the special category of Plutoids.

However, this does not negate the fact of Pluto’s astrological significance, merely his role as main ruler of the sign of Scorpio might be called into question as a consequence. Interestingly enough it is still controversial whether Pluto is indeed a planet. If Pluto – from a psychological point of view – is not part of the solar system, the energy of transformation would not be part of the human psyche. In that case we would not have to take responsibility for it as a part of our self. Seeing this it is perhaps not so very surprising that astronomers want to get rid of Pluto…

The Huber-Koch-method follows a rhythm of 6 and thereby the Jupiter cycle. It is the method of psychological growth and moves counter-clockwise from the Age Point. This is the method I use as I work with people that can/want to consciously evolve. 

The Placidus-method follows a rhythm of 7 and thereby the Saturn cycle. It is the method of prognostication and moves clockwise from the Age Point. I do not use this method of prognostic occurrences. 

Both methods are correct. They differ in house system and interpretation. The interpretation according to Koch applies to those people that want to evolve. The interpretation according to Placidus applies to those people that can be considered as rather conditioned. Therefore it is a question of which interpretation the client desires. 

The answer is simple: the time of birth should be as accurate as possible, ideally to the minute. As a lay-person just imagine how the zodiac sign of the ascendent changes every two hours. If the ascendent is on the treshold between two zodiac signs, minutes can determine in which sign the ascendent is located. This makes, of course, an important difference to the reading of your birth chart. We must not forget that the whole house system shifts constantly with the ascendant, so that a planet – depending on the time of day – can be found in one house or another house, and this is also of importance for an accurate reading.

While the direct reading of the birth chart can tolerate small inaccuracies in regard to the time of birth, a precise time is a necessary condition for achieving meaningful results with certain forecasting methods (e.g. age progression). With the method of secondary progressions, for example, a deviation of the time of birth by 4 minutes will result in a deviation of about 3 months in regard to the time when certain events will be triggered. 

Twins or multiple siblings do have the same horoscope in terms of the planetary positions in the signs and aspects. However, since they are born not exactly at the same time and their time of birth can actually differ by up to an hour, their horoscopes have small but significant dissimilarities. For example, the ascendant can already have moved into a different zodiac sign. At the very least the entire house system, including the position of the planets in the houses, will have shifted slightly. A planet may suddenly be positioned on a main axis (which makes it very dominant) or has distanced itself from it already. However, all these possible dissimilarities are not sufficient to explain the often large differences in character of twins or multiples.

An important psychological fact, which was proven in research, also has to be taken into account. If twins are separated and grow up apart from each other, they show strikingly similar behaviour. However, if they grow up together, they develop differently from each other. This indicates that twins indeed have similar personalities. However, it is obviously not possible for them to express their personalities in an identical way when they grow up side by side. From an astrological viewpoint, it can be said that although multiples have (almost) the same chart, they seem to divide it between themselves. Every child selects certain constellations that it chooses to express. It leaves the other parts to its siblings. Of course, other people do this too, but it is usually not as simple for them to find a projection surface, meaning another person that takes on our less loved traits. An indication as to which parts are expressed by which twin can be found with the help of the above-mentioned small differences in the two horoscopes.

Most astrologers consider the moment of a baby's first breath as the moment of birth. The reason for this lies in the circumstance that a baby breathing in for the first time makes its first independent contact with the earth. It is no longer a part of its mother but begins to live as a separate entity and independently makes contact with the energy of the universe. Of course we cannot assume that exactly this time is recorded in hospitals. It is more likely that the cutting of the umbilical cord is the deciding moment. In extreme cases, the official time of birth can differ from the astrological time of birth by a few minutes.

This question is very common and understandable, since "artificial" birth constitutes a major intervention in the natural course of things. Basically I want to answer this question with yes, because the chart reflects the quality of time during the moment of birth, regardless of how the birth came about. Humans assume far too often that they can influence the moment when something happens. In my opinion, we have considerably less power to make dates and events conform to our ideas than we believe. For it seems that we have far less influence on dates and events than is generally accepted. There are certain “overall conditions” that are subject to a larger universal or divine will, and this universal will ensures that the time and thus the quality of events are accurate. In a Caesarean birth, the journey of the new human being begins with a very distinctive theme. Fighting its way out into the outside world is an important experience for a newborn and provides an important life impulse. This experience is withheld from a child born by Caesarean section, somebody else has done the work for it. Learning about one’s own ability to assert oneself and to fight, frequently emerges as an important life topic for those born by Caesarean section and this is of course reflected in their horoscope. In this way, an induced or Caesarean birth is meaningful and important for the newborn being.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Like a person's gender or level of consciousness, the age of the soul cannot be gleaned from the horoscope.

However, people with an "old soul" are characterised by a greater sense of responsibility. Responsibility does not mean a pedantic drive for precision or meddling in the affairs of others.

It can be described in the terms of the following question though, which can shed some light on the age of a soul, "How much do I care about my service to humanity, about doing good and using the right words?"

The Aquarian Age is a product of a process known as "precession", which describes the rotational movement of the earth. It is defined by the relationship of the Earth to the Sun and Moon. If you look at the Earth from space, it does not appear as a perfect sphere, but it is shaped rather like a tangerine. At the poles it is flat, and in the region of the equator it is curved. The gravitation of the Moon, and to a limited extent the attraction of the Sun, cause the Earth to move in wobbly circle, so that it can maintain its relative postition in space. Consequently, the Earth loses about 50 arcseconds on its annual journey through the zodiac - this means it doesn’t arrive at exactly the same point at which it started a year ago. This shifts the starting point of the annual astrological year (the first point of Aries) backwards. This shift is called precession and it takes about 26,000 years for all the constellations of the zodiac to move through one cycle of precession. This long period of time forms one of the major evolutionary cycles during which the world goes through twelve world ages or astrological ages. These twelve world ages are called cosmic years or aeons. If we divide 26,000 years into 12 parts (analogous to the 12 months of our earthly calendar year), then we end up with 12 aeons that last about 2,160 years each.

Currently we are in a fascinating, though for many also quite unsettling, period of transition between two ages. During the last approx. 2,000 years the Aries point moved through the constellation of Pisces, made the entire earth and all life vibrate on the infrared spectrum and brought the quality of devotional idealism to that time. In Western culture, this energy manifested through the birth of Christ. This development is slowly coming to an end, because the first point of Aries is now transitioning into the constellation of Aquarius. All atoms are now, for the next 2,160 years, beginning to align themselves towards the higher vibration of Aquarius, which is on the ultraviolet spectrum. This means we are now in a time where the "old" vibrations are not yet fully released, and the "new" vibrations have not yet manifested completely. This is the reason why we see clashes between "old" and "new", conservative and progressive thinking in everyday life. This transition state is very similar to the phase between childhood and puberty. And we do not go to bed as children and wake up as adults the next day – it is a gradual process. This also happens when we transition from one era to the next.

Historically, it is the first time that a world age is ruled by a constellation that represents a person. And the archetype that embodies the idea of Aquarius is the humanist. This means that the human being moves to the center and understands itself more and more as a part of the divine. In addition to that, there are also other phenomena which reveal how the Aquarian principle shapes our values and our zeitgeist. The most striking features of Aquarius are a great desire for independence and the reduction of hierarchies and barriers of all kinds. When you consider just how much the past two centuries were shaped by independence struggles, wars of independence and independence declarations, how colonies freed themselves from foreign rule and paternalism, how the discriminatory (lack of) rights of different races, classes and genders were broken down and equality was promoted, then it is certainly not wrong to assume that the French Revolution marks the beginning of the Aquarian Age. All the more so because their slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" could not be more Aquarian.

The new quality of the Age of Aquarius brings us in contact with global communication technologies, with more time for spiritual development (while technology frees up time), with ethical issues and with the dawn of a new humanity. There has also been one specific technical achievement, which must be recognised as the symbol of the new age: the internet. However, the current technological advances are just the beginning for humankind. The Aquarian quality, which is gradually raising the whole world to a higher vibration, accelerates thinking and enables us to capture very complex processes. This is the reason why we see more and more technical equipment on the market that combines a high degree of technology and extreme speed in a very small space - an analogy to the ability of modern human consciousness. Not only is the general level of awareness of humankind being raised, but unexpected insights in scientific research that lead to new patterns of thought and change society are quite likely now. There will be a growing interest particularly in the areas of solar energy, light, electronics, color, sound, communication (computing) as well as esoteric and intuitive abilities such as telepathy or clairvoyance, astrology and the power of mind as areas of creative expression. All of these are equivalents of Aquarius.

It is particularly fascinating to watch how the spirit of the modern age is struggling to do the Aquarian principle justice on a particularly difficult level: The almost insurmountable gap between faith and science which has existed since ancient times wants to bridged and closed in the Aquarian Age. The religion of the new era must not be in conflict with science, nor must science any longer be allowed to almost obsessionally shield itself against anything that sounds like religion, spirituality and transcendence. Yet the fear of contact is still immense. One cannot quite imagine yet, that the scientific mind will give up its strong preference for bare facts and begin to raise the question of meaning and significance again. Even more absurd, however, seems the idea that religion could be scientifically proven. Then it will not be a religion any longer, many people think. So deeply is the image of this insurmountable contradiction between faith and reason anchored within us. And yet, many signs indicate otherwise. To recognise and observe these signs is one of the most exciting phenomena of our time.

But as I said, we are only at the beginning of the new 2,160-year cycle. The transition process is gradual.



Archetype of  zodiac sign

Religious idea of the era


-6000 bis -4000

Age of Gemini

The Unsettled 

Pansophism, nature worship

Sacred landscapes

-4000 to -2000

Age of Taurus

The farmer

Worship of the Great Mother

Bull cults, mother goddesses

-2000 to 0

Age of Aries

The warrior

Warlike, jealous, egoistic gods

Male gods, the Olympians, Jahveh

0 to 2000

Age of Pisces

The mystic

Mystification of the divine, all-encompassing love

God is love, mysteries and trinity

2000 to 4000

Age of Aquarius

The humanist

Humans understand themselves as part of the divine

Philosophy, depth psychology, chaos theory

This is a frequent argument made by astrology sceptics to question the foundation of astrology. However, they are basically confusing two different concepts, namely the constellations and the zodiac.

The constellations or star signs are real constellations of fixed stars, we can see them in the night sky with the help of a star chart. They have the same names as the signs of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus etc. They differ in size.

The zodiac is a symbolic twelvefold division of the ecliptic, the path seemingly taken by the Sun around the Earth in the course of a year. Its fixed points are the vernal and autumnal equinoxes as well as the tropic of the Sun (the “longest” and “shortest” day). This path of the Sun also determines our calendar. When the First Point of Aries or Spring was established as the beginning of the astrological and astronomical year roughly 2,000 years ago, the Sun was indeed positioned in the fixed star constellation Aries.

Today the fixed star constellations have drifted by nearly one whole star sign. This is a consequence of precession, a pendulous movement of the Earth’s axis. Due to precession the First Point of Aries shifts on average by 30° (the size of one zodiac sign) every 2’160 years . In (Western) astrology we take precession into account only in regard to the different world ages. Precession does not affect the astrology of the zodiac signs.

Signs do not change at the same time every year, instead they can drift by a maximum of one day. This is caused by the circumstance that the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth, the solar year, does not exactly correspond to our calendar year of 365 days. It last roughly six hours longer and it is these six hours which are corrected every four years by means of a leap day (29 February) when they have accumulated to a whole day. In the meantime, the Sun reaches the beginning of each sign roughly six hours earlier each year since the zodiac sign’s size of 30° remains constant.

If someone has been born at the time of a sign change the exact position of the Sun must be determined by means of the exact time of birth and place of birth (time difference). This is the only way to reliably calculate the zodiac sign the Sun is truly positioned in.

Regarding interpretation it should be mentioned that people with planets on the border between two signs (between 29°30’ and 0°30’) often feel like they belong neither completely to the one nor to the other sign. Instead they feel like border crossers  and express both qualities in their lives.

The Sun does not enter the next sign precisely at midnight. Therefore, the Sun is present in two different signs on the day of the sign change. In 2017 the Sun was in the sign of Scorpio until 04:03 CET on 22 November and in the sign of Sagittarius from 04:04 CET on. 50 years ago, the sign change from Scorpio to Sagittarius occurred on 23 November 1967 at 01:05 CET.

No. The hysteria at the turn of 1999/2000 was generated primarily by the fears of the computer industry of program crashes and was fed further by the media. The number with the three magical zeros has nothing to do with astrology, but at the most with numerology. This is, because the consciousness of the people in our culture comes into contact with the new vibration of the number two. The symbolism of numbers is considered an universal phenomenon, since they are not subject to the will of man, but the "geometry of God." The esoteric wisdom of ancient times is based on the principle that "the divine hand carries out the act of creation with geometric precision." Therefore numbers are like the laws of nature and have eternal validity. The number two in this case stands for the feminine principle of duality, harmony, cooperation, communication, unity (not separation).

It seems important to me, however, to start thinking about why especially the media and many business people pushed the issue of the millennium in such a way, for there is not a legitimate reason. One the one hand, at the turn of the year 1999/2000 our culture had not yet entered the new millennium. This was accomplished only at the turn of 2000/2001, since the introduction of the Gregorian calendar our era does not begin in the year zero, but in year one. On the other hand other cultures calculate time in their own way: Compared to our year 2001, the Muslims live in 1379, calculated from the time of Muhammad’s exit from Mecca; the Buddhists have reached the year of the iron snake 2128, starting from the Buddha's death; the Jews, who calculate from the moment of creation, are in year 5759, and the Hindus do not count time at all.