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Without you the universe would be incomplete.


To meet the strong interest in Astrology, my web team and I have created an online community. With the wisdom of the many we can, together, build and maintain a powerful and radiant energy for good. For this reason, I also dedicate this community to world peace.

With this new platform I want to create a spiritual space for consciousness – a space for inspiration and changes of thinking – a vastness that allows you to open your mind and spirit, especially in this time of global awakening.

I have been experiencing the blessing of supporting many people through my daily work as astrologer and coach for more than 20 years now. The elements that are often central when working are the desire for orientation and alignment, security, self-knowledge and meaning. Since April 2016, when I started my YouTube channel, I have come into contact with many more people. The great international interest and sometimes overwhelming feedback moved me to create a vessel for bundling our collective energies to create consciousness. And consciousness leads to peace.

In astrology and therefore also in the community we look at life from the perspective of the divine plan, which puts the beauty of all beings in the first place, as can be seen in horoscopes and the rhythms and creative combinations of our solar system. And so, we focus on the cause and not so much on the effect – for the effects emerge in accordance with the causes.

Your contribution allows us to anchor the vibration of this new consciousness on Earth. The more conscious you become, the more all that you do is permeated by presence and love and thereby of the highest quality – even the very simple every day activities. And since you are an integral part of the collective consciousness, your conscious actions and conscious being will have a stronger positive effect on the world than you may think…

The dark and disrespectful behaviors motivated by lack that has become so “normal” in our societies and that merely destroys energy, lowers vibrations and steals precious time on Earth, will not be given space in our radiant space. Despite some beautiful feedback two years of YouTube commentary by beings that are not respectful – and worse – have been enough for me.

Therefore: Joining a community is a clear decision for the light – without disturbances! This is what allows a community to unfold is quiet strength. A wonderful team (physical and spiritual) is supporting us in the background, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

I have surfed the web and noted that we are the first professional astrology community in the German speaking areas – beyond Facebook & Co. I am not only making my past, present, and future know-how available for the community – via videos, blogs, the Sternen-News-newsletter, talks, guided meditations, inspirational notes and online Astrology lessons, that do refer to the horoscopes of full members, but I am also available as your personal mentor when it comes to learning.

For this reason I have reduced contributions on YouTube and Facebook to a minimum. Facebook’s data scandal at the beginning of 2018 has illustrated the importance of privacy protection once more. Reading the very long list of data collected by, for example, Facebook makes my head spin....

By the way, this community is free of advertising and came into being without sponsoring, advancement of inheritances or a big investor in the background. Everything has been created, while guided by a visions, out of my personal effort and dedication of the last years.


Price per subscription period – not per number of postings


Prices for memberships are determined by the duration of the subscription, they are independent of the number of postings. That means that the price will stay the same - no matter how many videos, talks, meditations and other content is uploaded in the future.

If interested you can purchase  access to the Community here:

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An overview of the content on offer can be found in the respective product descriptions.

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If interested you can purchase one of the six different community memberships in the shop (German only). If you register for the newsletter (below), you will receive further free information (German only).

I am so happy about the community and looking forward to seeing you! 
In light-filled and loving communion,


Subscription Newsletter Community

Yes, I am interested in the new community.


To realize the vision of an online community I had to set up two companies first. And thus the Silke Schäfer Online GmbH and the Silke Schäfer Coaching & Event GmbH were born on 16 April 2018 in the heart of Zurich. My notary Markus Müller-Smit took much pleasure in it.

The twin companies are the result of many discussions with three lawyers (digital law, international private law, international value added tax) and four fiduciaries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria), turning me into a specialist for international value added tax in the process. :-)

I am so very very grateful that the universe brought me and the young attorney Dr. Tom Frey together. He is not only specialized in IT law and data protection but has also been preparing extensively for implementation of the GDPR (in German) for the last two years, and he has comprehensive knowledge of the legal questions about blockchain technology. We have spoken for many hours and have worked together with Pascal and his team of programmers on making everything watertight gso that our community and shop not only conform to the GDPR but that we know ourselves to be well-protected.

By now we have taken all the necessary bureaucratic hurdles and can act correctly at the international level - also due to the masterful (!!) programming of four computer programers (partially in full-time). All digital products are sold through Silke Schäfer Online GmbH. And all non-digital products (workshops, talks, and events at home and abroad) are invoiced through Silke Schäfer Coaching & Event GmbH.

After more than six months of an incredibly intensive creative phase and extreme logistical challenges the new shop and the space for the community were born and opened on 10 July 2018. A very big THANK YOU to Pascal and his young team at JKweb.



With many thanks to Thomas Pudil for perfect preparation and to notary Markus Müller-Smit for the exciting formation of the two companies.

Zurich, Sechseläuten Spring holiday 16 April 2018