The new age of humankind is being shaped by the qualities of the sign of Aquarius.

This becomes evident in the circumstance that Pluto will enter this sign of a „new humanity“ in March 2023, remaining for 20 years, thereby completely transforming these fast vibrations until 2044.

Pluto’s 248 year orbital period around the Sun is the slowest of all the planets in our solar system and therefore the most intensive one we currently know. As a collective energy Pluto transits show us the transformation of all humankind.

The current Pluto transit in the sign of Capricorn began in 2008 (beginning of the financial crisis with the insolvency of Lehman Brothers) and was intensified in 2018/2019/2020 by Saturn in Capricorn – until the conjunction (new beginning) of Saturn/Pluto on 12 January 2020 brought the whole world to a standstill and sent it into lockdown.

In addition a Jupiter/Saturn-conjunction (new beginning) occurred at 0° Aquarius on 21 December 2020 . This new cycle will last 20 years, until 2040.

In 2020 we thus entered a time of passing on the baton – the transition into a completely new world, the most prominent transformational period of our time.


The children of the new millenium

Souls that incarnated themselves during the last decades were born into a time where the transpersonal planets Uranus (new zeitgeist) and Neptune (love) were in the sign of Aquarius . From 2021 to 2044 the blueprints for their lives will be activated by the transits of Jupiter (2021), Saturn (2021 until March 2023) and most of all by Pluto (March 2023 until 2044). The general public has dubbed these young souls Generation Z.

On an energetic level this encompasses everyone born from January 1996 until January 2012 – according to UNO 2 billion and 210 million (!) young people who will shape the new collective consciousness and gradually reach positions of power in our societies:

  • April/May 1995 / January 1996 until March 2003: Uranus in Aquarius
  • February 1998 until January 2012: Neptune in Aquarius

The core group with both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius as well as Pluto in Sagittarius was born between February 1998 and March 2003 and encompasses 780 million young people!


The great change of generations since 2018

What is more, all those born from 1991/1992 on - the Digital Natives – are the seed of a whole new consciousness that manifest every 500 years, following the rhythm of our world.

The Digital Natives were born with a Uranus/Neptune-conjunction in Capricorn, that began in 1989 and became exact on 24th October 1993

These "giants" were activated in 2018/2019/2020 by Saturn and Pluto transits so that this completely new generation in markedly moving into position now, initiating the great change of generations:
  • December 1988 to January 1991: Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio
  • February 1991 to Juli 1992: Uranus, Neptune and Lunar node in Capricorn, Pluto in Scorpio
  • August 1992 to Januar 1995: Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio – incl. conjunction on 24/10/1993
  • February / March 1995: Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Sagittarius
  • April / May 1995: Uranus in Aquarius
  • June to October 1995: Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio
  • Nov / Dec 1995: Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Sagittarius


We are the transitional generation and have the privilege of giving these young people space and time and love and protection so that they can manifest a new way of living and working together: a creative world of friendship.



9-Jährige studiert Astrologie

Email der Mutter vom 24.1.2022:

Ich bin gerade dabei, mir deine Lern-Videos anzuschauen. Und vor allem: Überraschenderweise begleitet mich dabei meine fast 10jährige Tochter Sophie. Sie schaut sich mit einer unglaublichen Faszination locker 1,5 Stunden Silke Schäfer an. Dabei wollte ich ihr beim ersten Mal nur die ersten 10 Minuten zeigen, in der die Position der Erde zwischen Venus und Mars zu sehen war. Aber wir durften nicht abbrechen, und als sie aufs Klo musste, musste ich pausieren. Und wenn es einen Hinweis gibt (z. B. aus den aktuellen Sternen News: In welches Haus fällt 12 Grad Wassermann?), dann arbeitet sie sich mit dem Thema durch die ganze Familie.

Letzte Woche musste sie in Quarantäne und findet die Astrologie-Schule, die sie in der Zeit mit mir besucht hat, viel interessanter als die Schule, in die sie ab morgen wieder geht.

Und sie wünscht sich eben, an aktivem Unterricht teilzunehmen. Ich glaube, das würde sie sehr motivieren, dran zu bleiben.

Vielleicht ist das Ganze auch nur eine Eintagsfliege. Das kann ich nicht einschätzen und wenn, dann soll sie unbedingt gerne und ohne Druck mitmachen.


17-year-old talks about astrology as a trend

💫 Selten haben mir zwei Interviews so viel Freude gemacht wie diese von einer 17-Jährigen. Raphaela Glogg - eine tolle Frau der Generation des Neuen Jahrtausends.


Schools of the future? They do exist!

When our daughter Jette (born in 2005) was 12 years old, she said – during our vacation in London:

"Mama, I like it here. I would love to go to school in England."

Being someone who does not suppress children’s impulses, I followed her wishes and started to do research. And thanks to a piece of advice from our anthroposophical pediatrician we did indeed find the Brockwood Park School in Southwest England, an international and holistic private school with 75 students between the ages of 13 to 19, from 25 different countries – founded in 1969.

In October 2019, Jette, then 14 years old, got to attend for Prospective Week and was subsequently confirmed by a vote of all students and teachers. In September 2020, Jette, then 15 years old, began her 10th year of school there – including sweeping measures against CoVid-19. But after everyone had successfully completed the 10-day-quarantine, lessons took place normally on the extensive grounds, without masks or other restrictions.

Jette and we as her parents are looking back at a relaxed and very beautiful time that allowed Jette to grow a lot – and that shaped international friendships for life.

If you have questions about the school that are not answered on its website, we are happy to help out with information.

The trailer says it all:

Images from one of the letters to the parents

Here is a small impression of lessons in Brockwood and what they are learning – while sitting on the table, playing twister or chopping wood. It’s all very peaceful.