WHERE ASTROLOGY IS CONCERNED, Silke Schäfer is one of the most recognized names in Europe. In her newsletter, her Full Moon meditations, and her Sternen-Interviews she interprets the language of the stars and brings their message into a very practical form, translating it for our daily lives. It is not surprising that many of her insights correspond with the philosophy of yoga. »continue reading



After studying photography I worked in fashion, then moved from Germany to Switzerland and became a manager and talent agent for advertising, film and TV. A remarkable experience under the stars of the Australian desert sky drew me to astrology and I studied classical, psychological, esoteric and evolutionary astrology. At some point I understood that I can read the language of the stars. 

Since 1996 I have been in private practice as a professional astrologer, coach, speaker, and author. My global clientele is quite varied. My youngest client was 11 years old, my oldest one 94. Between those two extremes were many beautiful encounters with people in transition processes, with academics, CEOs, managers, multimillionaires, celebrities, and aristocrats. 

Since 1999 I have been leading monthly Full Moon meditations , teaching workshops - in particular about Lilith -, leading wisdom trainings, and blogging, especially in my community

And since 2000 I have been writing the monthly newsletter »Sternen-News; I have also written various specialist articles. In 2016 I was invited to write for Huffington Post Germany as one of its first official astrology bloggers. 

In 2011 and 2015 I published my first two books: The Kiss Is Gone, But Love Remains and Beyond Fear! My next books are in progress...

Since February 2015 I have also been producing monthly interviews for my cosmic radio station. In the Sternen-Interviews I ask the Spirit Realm astrological questions and the medium Adriana Meisser channels the answers. 

In April 2016 I started my YouTube-channel to comment on world events.

And in summer 2018 I started my very own astrology community to teach and to nurture spirituality.

I was born on 21 October 1962 at 04:10 am CET in Bad Segeberg, Germany, am the mother of a wonderful daughter born in 2005 and live and work in Männedorf at Lake Zurich, Switzerland. 


Memberships of Professional Associations:

  • Swiss Association of Astrologers / Schweizer Astrologenbund SAB

  • International Professional Association for Astrological Psychology / Internationaler Fachverband für Astrologische Psychologie IFAP

  • Associate Member of the American Federation of Astrologers AFA Inc.

MY FIRST ENCOUTNER WITH ASTROLOGY was a lecture by Louise Huber about esoteric astrology at the Astrologisch-Psychologische Institut API in Zurich/Adliswil. I was electrified and knew: This is where I belong. Shortly before I had had a very profound experience of the Divine, all by myself under the stars of the Australian desert sky.  

This was a continuation of my childhood experiences. I still remember it very well. I grew up on a large farm near a small village, part of a large patriarchal family.  We worked a lot and we made a lot of music . I was about 7, sitting all by myself on the steps in front of our house and looked at the starry night sky. I asked myself, "Where does the universe end, I wonder?“ And my own self answered, "You can not understand it yet. You are still too little."  

Today, after studying the universe, for me astrology is only a small and beautiful part of the numinous field that came into being around 13.8 billion years ago and to which we have given - due to the limits of language - the name God. And I bow down in deference before the complexity and infinite beauty of this field. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT ON MY PERSONAL PATH was - right up there after our daugther's birth - a near death experience in April 2012. While I fought for survival for 18 hours (as I was told), my body ice-cold, my head burning up at 42°C, I found myself in an infinitely vast expanse of light and in the presence of the incredibly beautiful angel of death. It turned out that we had known each other since my childhood, when I was eight. This allowed me to experience a very profound healing.

What impressed me very much was the experience of a state of all-knowing, very similar to Dr. Eben Alexander's description in his fascinating book Proof of Heaven, "True thought is pre-physical. This is the thinking-behindthe-thinking... A thinking that is not dependent on linear deduction, but that moves fast as lightning, making connection on different levels, bringing them together." 

When I woke up I had lost 4kg of my body weight. 



We were always very certain that we wanted to welcome our child at home. We were always certain that I would, if possible, give birth to our child in the water. We were always certain that we would not have more than one ultrasound – if that. And it was not important for us who would come to us –an old soul or a young one, a boy or a girl, a healthy child or a handicapped one. We knew: This child wants to be with us. We will accept it as it is. And so it was. On 13 April 2005 at 11:11am, supported by Jette's father and our midwife, I gave birth to a healthy daughter, at home, in the water.. continue reading